Well, look, it’s not like the show was in any real danger of not getting renewed, but you can never be too cautious with the way AMC has been shitting the bed lately as far as decision-making goes.  Deadline reports that AMC and Sony TV have finalized a deal ordering 16 final episodes to be shot simultaneously.  Now retain Vince Gilligan and make Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul happy with bigger deals, please.

The obvious question here is whether or not there’ll be an 8-episode-each season 5 and 6 or a giant 16 episode season 5.  The latter is quite unlikely since AMC will be smart and milk 2 more seasons of the show for all they’re worth.  The bad news for us regarding the former is that it’ll be less Breaking Bad intake per season than we’d like, but we’ll at least have the comfort in knowing that an end is near and the show will go out on top before wearing out its welcome.  But to me that’s impossible anyway.  Give me 15 seasons of Walter White.

*pictured above: AMC senior VP Joel Stillerman managing the money this show and others have made him and his network.