I decided to wrap up this bit with Spymunk early. Don’t worry, there will be a part 4 being posted shortly. But, I need to get the other guys ready to be interviewed next week.

<Anderson> 9) Would you fight Dave Seville for custody of the Chipmunks?

<Spymunk> Of course not.  Dave Seville is their father!  Alvin, Simon and Theodore all have the last name of Seville.  I wouldn’t think of seperating them.  Remember that I said before it’s that bond between them that I find so refreshing about the characters, and I’ve always liked the way their family works together – they get on eachother’s nerves, but the Chipmunks have shown time and time again that they’re miserable without Dave.  The whole reason THE CHIPMUNK ADVENTURE happens in the first place is that Alvin wants to go with Dave on a trip.  That kind of togetherness and mutual forgiveness, that comfort between father and son, it’s very important to me in the dynamic of the characters and it’s one of the reasons I enjoy the show so much and am so fond of the aesthetic of the best of their bi-play in the songs.

<Anderson> 10) What you mean by “Bi-Play”?


Well, usually, during the best Chipmunks songs, there’s good interaction between Dave and Alvin and his brothers.  Dave is usually trying to keep the song pleasant, simple and professional … but Alvin and his brothers are always trying to spice up everything, or change the lyrics around, or make the song silly.  Dave often gets frustrated with Alvin doing this, but in the long run it always makes the songs better and more interesting, and they end up turning out to be hits.  That’s one of my favorite elements of the characters, that fun interaction between them.

<Anderson> 11) What are your thoughts on Witch Doctors?

<Spymunk> Without them, we never would’ve gotten the song that Ross Bagdasarian first used the ‘chipmunk’ voice Version 1.  So, in a way, I’m indebted to them.

<Anderson> 12) Would you do time for the Chipmunks?

<Spymunk> No – if Alvin ever goes that far beyond the line, I’d like to think he’d turn himself in and get some help.  His ‘crimes’ are usually minor and not deserving of prison.  If he were to cross over to the big leagues, we’d ALL be in trouble!

The conclusion will be coming shortly.