It’s not that I’m particularly apathetic, but my only real emotional response to the end of Brokeback Mountain was “Damn, his daughter is seriously cute”.

We’ll be seeing more of adorable actress Kate Mara soon — having survived the Urban Legends “franchise”, she makes the move to more ballistic fare with Shooter, Paramount’s adaptation of Stephen Hunter’s book Point of Impact starring Mark Wahlberg and helmed by Director Jail parolee Antoine Fuqua.

The story revolves around Bob Lee Swagger, a legendary marksman who gets lured out of self-imposed retirement only to find himself in the middle of an assassination conspiracy. Mara plays the love interest also caught up in the chaos. Obviously they’re deviating significantly from the source material (Swagger served in The ‘
Nam), but at least it’s finally getting made.

Mara won’t have to wait until Wahlberg takes aim to taste the fame: first she’ll appear in the sports disaster movie We Are Marshall and the superhero academy flick Zoom. She’s also been seen recently as the kooky CTU analyst who isn’t Chloe on 24.