Take a moment and think of all the movies that could be improved by the inclusion of tentacles. Hell, I’d even tolerate another Big Momma’s House sequel if it featured random victims being invaded by slimy hidden appendages (I mean, these people are already in a Martin Lawrence fat-suit movie, so any further humiliation seems inconsequential). The Japanese are aware of this tactic, and I think it’s past time other countries got wise to this peculiarly satisfying marketing strategy.

And so we’re getting a new live-action adaptation of Wicked City. The futuristic story, based on Hideyuki Kikuchi’s book, involves a conspiracy to end the peace between our world and a parallel dimension populated by monsters. The tentacled tale was previously put into motion in Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s anime and a 1992 live-action Hong Kong production, which I know I’ve seen even though the only detail I can recall is some kind of demon guy flying around on top of a 747.

Germany‘s Stallion Film is behind the new $50 million production, with FX guru and Spawn helmer Mark A.Z. Dippé co-writing and directing the squirming sci-fi horror show. And while you may recall how Spawn really sucked, Dippé’s follow-up Frankenfish was surprisingly fun low-budget monster schlock most notable for its quality carnage, special effects work and a delectable bikini-clad China Chow.