First off, an awkward heartfelt jab and Connery “punch the keys!” finger into the shoulder for all of those who threw their well-wishes at me while I was out battling the forces of real life. I’m much better now and the exo-skeleton fits nicely over what used to be fleshy manbits of underdeveloped mediocrity – but enough about me. Let’s get down to it.


Fun with nothing In the good intentions gone horribly awry department, there’s Fun with Dick and Jane (read Devin’s review) – a retread of the 70’s kitschy romp in Fonda/Segal land. You’d think, or whatever it is you do with your frontal lobes, that this Judd Apatow-co-scripted Dean (Galaxy Quest) Parisot-directed film would have been better – Jim Carrey takes on a faction of corporate America (run by Hank Baldwin!) through a series of misadventures aimed at keeping his pitch-perfect life (with wife Tea Leoni) in tact. The set up soon becomes incongruous, segments running off with one another to create this sort of mish-mashed bulging film that is neither riotous, nor massively entertaining. It was during the end credits when I really thought the film started to take shape, but that’s probably because my political ass loves me some funnin’ with people in power. The real dynamism through Carrey’s return to his comedic base is Richard Jenkins’ one-dimensional drunk, considering it feels like he knows what the movie is and runs it down faster than me punting Grandmothers during my weekly geriatric bowl.

Take away your Telemundo – with:
- Audio commentary with Director Dean Parisot and Screenwriters Judd Apatow and Nicholas Stoller
- Some deleted scenes
- Publicity Junket Outtakes – a reel of Carrey and Leoni during the theatrical publicity campaign (is Devin in this?)
- A gag reel
- Previews

CreekyYou’ve probably had our banner ads scream at you via Tarantino and Rodriquez, but since this is CHUD, you’ll want to read Nick’s DVD review. Following a group of young twenty-somethings in the Australian outback, Wolf Creek slowly builds during its running time until breaking character developments before snapping actual human ones in two, or three. Young romances, fledgling desires, and even bloodied bits all come into play as John Jarratt’s Mick Taylor is arguably one of the most unsettling nasties to come along since Tom Skerritt in Big Man on Campus. Well, maybe not, but Jarratt’s menacing portrayal has earned him a few raves here and there, not unlike the shocking duress placed on our main nubile hardbodies – kids Nick actually wished “[would] die painfully.” They shouldn’t have taken in the seemingly skewed goodwill of Mr. Taylor’s advances to help them after their car wouldn’t start. Last time I did that I ended up living in some remote Quebecois village with a rather beefy bear of a host named Jean-Francois. I still can’t dream properly.

Be good, until you lose your head – with:
- Audio commentary with director/writer Greg McLean, executive producer Matt Hearn and actors Cassandra Magrath and Kestie Morassi
- A making-of Wolf Creek featurette
- A deleted scene
- Trailer

oooweeeoooI still have my little nightlight and purple-spotted Senior Blanket, all to combat the evil entity known as The Dark, currently engulfing my world hourly. In the movie-sense, object-of-tongue wagging Maria Bello and Sean “Satellite Spear” Bean find themselves attempting to reconcile their troubled marriage by congregating in a small Welsh town with their young spawn Sarah. The impressionable young’un doesn’t seem to take too kindly to this rekindled romance, preferring to throw herself over a cliff instead, drowning instantly on the rocks below. Mourning over the loss of their semen creation, Bello and Bean are strangely visited by a young girl named Ebril, who claims she ceased to exist 60 years ago and bares an intriguing similarity to their daughter – that is, when she’s not battling the forces of Annwyn, Welsh for Hades. And so lies the story shephered by John Fawcett, who made a little film called Ginger Snaps and producer Paul W.S. Anderson, who made many movies that enrage your eyeballs into aneurism troughs. Plan accordingly, as word has been far from positive, but ghosts and goblins, and Sean Bean should suffice somewhat interestingly.

Under were? – with:
- Alternate ending

EVARThe title is The Greatest Game Ever Played (read Wade’s DVD review), and it’s a misnomer. Obviously Director Bill Paxon didn’t catch my gaming skills during the championship defining 11-hour Risk sessions I had years prior. I rolled and bounded my way to immortal glory, and in the movie, Shia “Where’s the” LaBeouf plays 20-year old golfer-cum-Brookline, Mass hero Francis Ouimet. If you’re scratching your head, just ask the reanimated corpse of Great-Grandpa. If he’s not around (to the Ouija board!), the answer you seek is within the 1913 U.S. Open, during which Ouimet rose from Caddy to self-styled Maestro without the Chicagoan Murray-brothers hijinx. Sparring off against the dastardly British Harry Vardon brings new challenges to the fold, including which tea to dump in celebration and which game face to bring. I’d suggest the Roosevelt. As it stands, Paxton’s film manages to rest upon its clichéd laurels, that is making sure you feel every ounce of emotional resonance as it slams sympathetic strings against your noggin’ in triumphant well-crafted harmony. Rejoice!

Easy peasy lemon squeasy – with:
- Audio commentary from PAXTON and Writer Mark Frost
- The featurettes – A View From The Gallery: On the set of The Greatest Game Ever Played, Two Legends and the Greatest Game, and From Caddy to Champion: Francis Ouimet
- Sneak previews

Fish LittleCate Blanchette earned quite a few plaudits around her internalization of Tracey Heart, the former H-junkie whose past keeps sneaking back up and McGruffing a giant bite out of her in Little Fish. Returning to live under the watchful eye of her mother (and returning is the keyword, unlike most of the negative launchers on our MBs), Blanchette’s ex-boyfriend stumbles back into the picture – even after setting hearts ablaze in 21 Jump Street and Rapid Fire. Yeah, you bet your ass I’m talkin’ about Dustin Nguyen. Also mix in her criminally inclined little sibling Ray (Martin Henderson) and Hugo Weaving’s junkie-on-a-bender football player to combat her meager hopes and desires and she was bound to be fodder for drug kingpin Sam Neill, currently not running from animals born in the Cretaceous period. Forced to choose a myriad of items (least of all the important life), Blanchette’s Heart has to take a little trip down memory lane and learn to kick ass for the Lords of Australian film once again, which I hear she succeeds in doing.

It’s right here – with:
- Previews

UnfinishedIt might as well be called The Shelf Movie, considering An Unfinished Life sat on it for quite some time, allowing filmmaker Lasse Hallström to continue seducing Lena Olin (that rascally scamp) and make Casanova in the process. Some of the reason might have been because it starred Jennifer Lopez, whose stock amongst audiences is only on the up-and-up, especially after the ca-ca-ca-combo breaker of Jersey Girl and Jiggly. The iconic Robert Redford is the amazingly named Einar Gilkyson (I can’t say it more than twice without spittooning my entire floor), a former alcoholic now teamed up with Morgan Freeman and his voice of authority, currently rocking a major bear mauling prosthetic. It just so happens that Redford’s Gilkyson is quite pissed at his Lopezian daughter-in-law, considering she killed his own son years past. Shunning her like I used to the F train, Redford never fully got to know his granddaughter, and Ms. Lopez attempts to reconcile that and escape an abusive husband in the process. But the storm clouds on the horizon bring unheralded danger, one in the former of the ex-husband and the other in – wait for it – the motherfucking bear. I just hope there’s rasslin’.

See too many Westerns – with:
- Hallström and his Editor audio commentary
- The featurettes – The Making Of An Unfinished Life and Training Bart the Bear
- Still gallery

SpymateEric Robert’s daughter. A simian named Minkey (someone’s been watching too much Pink Panther). Together they combine to form the basis of Spymate, which should cause internal bleeding for most of you. From the minds that brought you the classic children’s films Air Bud, Most Valuable Primate, and even Richard Grieco’s Tomcat: Dangerous Desires, comes a tale so telegraphed in so many jokes, it’s impossible to even know where to begin. Mike Muggins and his hairy partner are allegedly the two best dudes in the espionage business, until Muggins had to go all real-world and leave a de-evolved brother scratching to make some babies. Out popped a genius daughter named Amelia (Emma Roberts) who somehow has miraculously developed a super-top-secret revolutionary chemical drill and quickly descends into the clutches of the evil Dr. Farley (Richard Kind). Kind plans on using his drill to cause a tidal wave of epic Earthquakes, hoping to destroy the entire world. Naturally one knows what must be done – so Minkey prepares to show them all a thing or two about natural evolution. Noriyuki "Pat" Morita co-stars, and most likely spins softly 6 feet under.

See and do – with:
- A behind-the-scenes featurette

ATTACKEvery week demobilizes thousands of consumers with craptastic titles, and this week is no exception. Exhibit A is Attack of the Sabretooth, arguably reaching the widest possible audience with its patented brand of down home country goodness. In this case, it’s a group of young college kids, who become trapped in an Amusement Park gone horrendously wrong. Cloning just happens to take place there during the off-hours behind the Tilt-A-Wheel, and the ensuing melee is not only from the creaky rides last serviced in 1974, but also due to a rather hulking mutant Sabretooth hell-bent on eating whatever it can. Most likely you’ve already figured out the plot of this beast, but it’s possible that’s never where the desire to watch young coeds race against shoddy script developments came from in the first place. No, it could be because like ourselves, we just want to be loved. No matter how hairy the person is.

Supper’s on the table – with:
- Interactive Menus!
- Scene Selection!
- A trailer!

MI BESTThe less we talk about its sequel the better, although I still hold the first Mission: Impossible in high regard. Brian De Palma’s foray into the popcorn flick is still light years away from others of its ilk, preferring to expound on its narrative developments with tremendous set-pieces and a sense of style sorely lacking from today’s more standard fare. The characters that populate Ethan Hunt’s world are what makes the film for me – the inclusion of one breathlessly stunning Emmanuelle Béart along with Jean Reno, Vanessa Redgrave, and even Henry Czerny (whatever happened to him?) aid in the chemistry between Hunt’s search for whom set him up. De Palma does not disappoint with an effortless whizbang of tricks, framing everyone in ridiculous compositions (in particular the scene at the Aquarium) and staging the action in Hitchcockian terseness (rappelling from the ceiling anyone?). The first Mission: Impossible might not be for everyone, but it’s a damn good rollicking film that’s largely a guilty pleasure for plebeians like myself.

Toast – with:
- The features Mission: Remarkable: 40 years of creating the impossible, Mission: Explosive Exploits, Mission: Spies Among Us, Mission: Catching the Train, Mission: International Spy Museum, and Mission: Agent Dossiers
- Tribute Montages: Excellence in Film: Cruise, Generation: Cruise
- Mission: Impossible theatrical trailer and teaser
- TV spots
- Photo gallery
- M:i:III trailer along with a FREE ticket to see MI3

If the above didn’t satiate your needs, then the titles below might. If they can stave off the throngs of onlookers for your own needless attention, that is.

LOOSEDFarscape LoveEscape!
MI NOSeason 5Campy
shdhldkflhells yesLaurel and Hardy

Very Much Alive

DOSSome of the DVD caps on this beloved site could arguably be called the house that Hollow Man built. Sony, quickly capturing the magic once again, is going to whet the appetites of those who couldn’t get enough nipple sucking right off of you with Hollow Man 2 – out on 5.23.06. Christian Slater is the rogue solider who goes invisible, only to find out that his biological death clock has been sped up. The hunt is then on to discover the biologist who created his Slaterness, the Detective (surely to be inept) who’s assigned to protect her goodies, and even the entire government in the process. If they can muster up a good 70% of what Verhoven’s film managed to become while being thoroughly mediocre, then they’ll have a hit on their hands. If they can see them. Oddly enough, I’m quite stoked to view the film, which should only be immortalized with cheesy effects work and straight-to-DVD quality writing. In short, only excellence begets excellence.

Don’t look at yourself in the mirror anymore – with:
- The featurettes – Behind the Scenes and Visual Effects
- A Storyboard Comparison
- A Storyboard Gallery

YES! Tommy Lee Jones made his theatrical directorial debut with the assuredly confident Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (read Devin’s positive review) – largely one of last years best films. Shame on most of us for missing it, we suck (as an aside – I saw it. It was simply amazing). Working under the watchful eye of Peckinpah and latter-day Eastwood (he’s a saint), Jones crafts a thoroughly original tale filled with necessary sparseness. It’s within those pregnant pauses where the truth lies, where powerful filmmaking comes to pass without screaming at you in the process. Jones is Pete Perkins, a ranch hand and best friend of the recently deceased Melquiades Estrada. Upon learning of the accidental death by the hands of curiously inept hardass Barry Pepper (working his charms unlike anything before – fitting his on-screen portrayal adroitly), Perkins sets about fulfilling Estrada’s last wish – to be buried in his home soil in Mexico. Naturally, things go less than planned (hence the title, jerks), but Jones manages somehow to balance a seemingly freeflowing narrative with the weighty themes of redemption, loyalty, and trust without so much as breaking a sweat. The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada will shut most horsefaces up who’ve lamented Jones’ turns in dreck like Men in Black II. Put this at the top of your list immediately on 6.06.06.

Well, Pete, the ants are eating your friend – with:
- Audio commentary with Director/Actor Tommy Lee Jones, Actors Dwight Yoakam & January Jones
- A making-of featurette
- Some deleted scenes
- Interviews
- The Master Class feature with screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga and Jones
- Trailer

HIllzAlexandre Aja, the director of the engrossing High Tension, takes a stab at early Wes Craven with his shot-in-the-arm, punch-in-your-grundle remake of The Hills Have Eyes (read Devin’s gushing review) – out on 6.20.06. Eschewing the safer modes we’ve come to expect in the telegraphed horrific ways in mediocre scare-fests, Aja injects extreme fierceness into the proceedings. Intending to screw you up royally (just in case you weren’t anyway), rapes, someone getting stabbed in the neck with the American flag, and even the sheer brutality of the mutants taking out their aggression on a lost family road-tripping, Aja allegedly raises the bar with this film. Lots of people have lamented to me that they weren’t quite ready to go along with the film, considering it takes them to a hellacious place and back before they even knew what hit them – that’s what I’d call fairly ingenious, the mark of an exciting filmmaker with things to say and visual atrocities to share. If they’re anything like I’ve heard, then we’re in for a rollicking sadistic time. Much like a weekend with my extended family.

It’s breakfast time! – with:
- Unrated and Widescreen versions
- Audio commentary with the filmmakers
- A behind-the-scenes featurette
- Music Video
- Trailers

Plus, you might be happy to see these. The Searchers: 50th Anniversary Edition arrives on 6.06.06 with the John Wayne/John Ford WB Collection. Munich is still TBA, but I’ve been told to expect it sometime in May, like the first week.

Region Free Dossier

Not many want you to know you can purchase DVDs from other countries.

DePalmaIf you don’t enjoy Brian De Palma, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Plus, if you haven’t had the chance to see his extremely underrated Phantom of the Paradise, now’s the chance via those PAL French bastards over at and the Special Edition ways. De Palma sets his Hitchcockian sights on the price of fame and fortune, all at the expense of selling your soul. It’s only for a little rock and roll, and William Finley’s Winslow Leach discovers the price of Paul Williams’ Swan and his dastardly deeds in stealing his music and in essence, his life. Leach transforms into the disfigured titular nightmare, vowing to explode Swan into a million little pieces with the opening of his rock and roll palace The Paradise. Besides presenting massively calculated camera angles, De Palma’s use of splitscreen is eerily effective, resulting in a skewed force to be reckoned with. It’s arguably one of his lesser efforts, but the man certainly understood how to make movies before detonating them by arriving on Mars.

Know a drug real from real real – with:
- English DTS, English 5.1, English 2.0, French DTS and French 5.1 Audio Options
- Introduction by Gerrit Graham (in French only)
- "Paradise Regained" documentary (English Audio)
- "White card to Rosanna Norton" Interview (English Audio)
- "False Advert by Robert Finley" (English Audio)
- "I Feel For You" clip
- A De Palma filmography
- 2 Theatrical trailers

This is Region 0 PAL DVD, requiring the use of a Region Free DVD Player.

DAY WATCHNight Watch (read Devin’s review) has come and gone, so onward and upward to Day Watch, the second film in the epic Russian trilogy (the third one is being filmed soon, I believe) that everyone has seemingly shrugged off here in the states. Flights of fancy give way for the World to be on the tip of civil war between the Dark and the Light. Things get even more complicated when the entity known as The Inquisitor shows his sorry mug, preferring to up the stakes with Night Patrols’ own Anton Gorodetsky and his operatives. After battling Vampires, Witches, and other things that go bump in the night, Gorodetsky must now contend with the game in which he’s been placed, before that is, he can restore Moscow with a newly discovered device. I think, but I was never good in Russian. If anything, Day Watch should continue the series insistence on visual marvels (the boy with the red floating eyes peaked my internal glee in the Night Watch trailer) and confusing plot, since it appears that the Russians like ordinary Americans to scratch their heads.

Rule destinies! – with:
- Russian 5.1 and Russian 2.0 Audio Options
- Optional English subtitles

This is Region 0 NTSC DVD, requiring the use of a Region Free DVD Player.

Read our Reviews, you arse!

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of Narnia
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Special Edition
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Liza with a Z, Seven Beauties, Swept
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, Mae West: Glamour Collection, Carol
Lombard: Glamour Collection
, Marlene Dietrich: Glamour Collection,
and A-Team: Season Four. Sadly, there was no Special Edition last week
. For some, that might instead mean happily.

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Mouse: Seasons Five and Six
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The Dark is $19.99
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Spymate is $24.99
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Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Zathura: Special Edition,
Mirror Mask, Fantastic 4, The Ten Commandments: 50th Anniversary Collection,
Bad News Bears (05), Happy Gilmore/Billy Madison 2 Pack
, and Chappelle’s
Show: Season 1

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STATIONHopefully this week’s late response isn’t non-non-non-non-non-NON-Heinous. If it was, next week should be back to semi-normal, whatever that is. Meanwhile, your feedback is appreciated at all levels, from Kings to lowly Street Sweepers. All this spewed forth, click away and furiously type those thoughts.

Thanks for checking this weeks’ digital goodies out even if you were perturbed nothing looked that great (it’s an off-week). The future, i.e. next week, holds many possibilities including Hostel, Breakfast on Pluto, Even Horizon: Special Edition, a Cross of Iron: Special Edition and even Orson Welles’ much-anticipated Mr. Arkadin: Criterion Collection. Plus, a little thing called HD-DVD streets, and my confusion over hardware needs an upgrade. See you then!