According to Deadline, the plug to Disney’s Lone Ranger flick starring Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer and directed by Gore Verbisnki, has been pulled. The news comes as quite a shock since the film had all principals cast and was ready to shoot in October. According to sources, it was a budget related issue (no, really!?). Apparently the budget had ballooned to 250 million, the studio wanted it brought down to 200 and the production just couldn’t do it. It’s all your fault Disney for making Depp a mega-salaried megastar.

The only sadness I feel over this is that I would have liked to see Armie Hammer in the goofily earnest role as the Lone Ranger. Oh well, I’ll live. I wonder if this had anything to do with Cowboys and Aliens flopping?

Even more shocking: the article revealed that the budget for John Carter crossed 300 mil. Sheesh. No wonder they’re gun shy.