Looks like it’s getting a little crowded in Rambo’s neighborhood, and he can’t be too happy about that. I mean, after all that time in the barren desert wastes helping the Mujahideen in the third movie, he’d probably just like some peace and quiet to kill things in the wilderness with his giant survival¬†knife.

But if the rumors are to be believed, Brazilian beefstick Bruno Campos won’t let that happen. The actor, last seen as a roguish plastic surgeon on Nip/Tuck (where he – SPOILER SWIPE – turned out to be a serial slasher who literally had no dick), will apparently be playing the villain in Rambo IV, the leader of some kind of military cult who kidnaps Rambo’s daughter, thereby providing fuel for the bloodshed.

While we’ve yet to actually see any official announcements, word is the long-awaited (??) sequel will be directed by Stallone himself. Other cast members purportedly include Deadwood whore Kim Dickens as Mrs. Rambo, James "The Beard" Brolin as the Replacement¬†Crenna, former Deep Space Nine captain Avery Brooks, ex-CHiPS patrolman Larry Wilcox, and several other unearthed movie and television actors. The producers are reportedly also pursuing Lost doc Matthew Fox to play a wrongfully accused fugitive who assists Rambo in the carnage.