You don’t often see a film stay at the top of the Box Office for more than a week these days, as the cutthroat opening weekend madness has turned the top 5 into a perpetual game of studios running their hands up the bat. But with very strong word of mouth, a solid opening and no particularly huge new competitor, Apes should squeak out the top spot again Final Destination 5. And while the Destination films have riden inflation to higher openings with each release, that may curve back a bit with a fifth franchise that doesn’t have the newness of the 3D novelty behind it. I enjoyed the film well enough, and it will satisfy the core, but there’s less of a rabid fanbase and more of a “yeah, okay I’ll do that” mob.

With 30 Minutes Or Less not really lighting anyone on fire and not boasting any bankable stars, it seems to be coasting mostly off of its premise and “from the director of Zombieland.” That will only go so far, but the film has been tracking all over the place and last weekend suggests there isn’t a huge demand for comedy at present. It will likely do a bit over half of the opening of Zombieland, but it’s taken the wildcard spot from The Help. That’s only true because The Help has already shown signs of catching on with that mainstream audience that propels things like The Blind Side to such success. A Wednesday opening means the three-day total will hide just how well its catching on, and it’s not unlikely that it will break $30m by Sunday night. The film is already setting off debate as it gets better-than-expected reviews, meanwhile disgusting destractors of softball issue films. Our own Josh wasn’t much a fan, but admitted to its charm and accessibility.

And yeah, Smurfs.

Let’s have some fun Monday morning with the leavings…

Three-day Numbers!

Rise of the Apes (R) ….. $25,500,000
Final Destination 5 (R) ….. $21,000,000
The Help (R) ….. $19,000,000
30 Minutes Or Less (R….. $16,000,000
The Smurfs ….. $13,000,000


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