As the site editor without a vowel at the end of my name, perhaps I’m not best suited to write about this announcement, but here it is anyway.

Straight from the headlines of about a week ago comes a movie called Mafia Cop. For the love of Chins, I wish it was another sequel to Maniac Cop. But it’s based on the story of respected ex-NYPD detective Louis Eppolito, a heroic and seemingly honest guy who happened to be the son of a mob hitman and, if the recent verdict is any indication, was also involved in various murders and criminal deeds.

Before being indicted last year, Eppolito had long since retired from the force (and retired a few people himself, hoy!) and taken up acting in movies like Goodfellas and Predator 2. For a law enforcement officer who used to secretly "whack" people and collect their skulls for his spaceship trophy case, neither was probably a good choice of roles.

Mandalay Pictures is bringing the story to the screen, and even had writer Dan Gordon (The Hurricane) attend the trial for all the authenticity a Hollywoodized story can bring. I’m thinking they might wanna change the title, though, since Mafia Cop sounds like either a Genesis-era videogame or a Jeff Fahey movie. But I suppose Wop Cop would be politically incorrect.