Even though the Dukes of Hazzard movie was a considerably painful viewing experience (Jessica Simpson’s upstanding bosom and outstanding buttocks notwithstanding), it was apparently lucrative enough to provide director Jay Chandrasekhar with more opportunities.

The Dukes’ solid box office performance secured a Warner Bros. deal for the de facto leader of comedy quintet Broken Lizard, and he’s following that Southern-fried compost with a new comedy called Ambulance Chasers. The story, penned by Shrek 3 (ugh) co-writer Jon Zack, involves a rivalry between two personal-injury lawyers battling for one specific client, who I can only assume is a totally hot goddess with a rack worthy of pursuit, or at least, y’know, a rilly great personality.

Chandrasekhar seems to be employing the Soderbergh Method, using commercial “paycheck” fare to help generate the clout to make more personal projects (yes, I just drew a comparison between the Oscar-winning director of Traffic and the guy who drank syrup and solicited mustache rides). Speaking of which, Chandrasekhar (who also helmed the CHUD-beloved Super Troopers) is currently shooting Beerfest with his Broken Lizard comrades – read Devin’s coverage HERE!