I’m one of the many (lucky) Johnnys-come-lately that are catching up on Breaking Bad as the new season has debuted. I just recently finished S3, meaning I’ve witnessed the moment above that pretty much guarantees love and devotion to Mr. Bryan Cranston through all of his endeavors for most of time (even if I’m not quite as slavishly devoted to the show itself as many are). Now it seems we’ll get to enjoy the fruits of his behind-the-scenes talents as well, as he preps a feature writing/directorial project.

Called Home Again, Cranston described the project to Hollywood.com as such:

“It’s basically a very strong father-son story, and a murder-mystery. An FBI agent who suddenly quits the department and takes his son and his wife and moves back to his hometown of Cascade, Nebraska, to rekindle family values and pay attention now. He’s been working for the FBI for years, so he’s been home sporadically. And his son is now sixteen, very sensitive, and looks upon his father like sort of a stranger… And then there’s a murder that happens in the little town that they move to, which kills [the father’s] whole stance on, ‘Things are better in these small towns!’ And then things unravel…”

Cranston also threw in a few unneeded details about how the film ends, and a suggestion that the title will change. Also came the inevitable acknowledgement that Breaking Bad will limit his abilities to move this along quickly.

That plot sounds perfectly in his wheelhouse, and I’m eager to see it develop further. I’m also eager to see Cranston in any of his many many upcoming feature roles, be it Contagion, Total Recall, WWZ, Red Tails, Batman: Year One, John Carter, or Argo. We shall not want for Walter in the coming year.

(via /Film)