second film in Don Coscarelli’s Bubba trilogy* is back from the dead, as supernatural forces seem to be coming together to make Bubba Nosferatu a reality. "The project has a life of its own," Coscarelli tells Sci Fi Wire. "People seem to want it. We just have to get it finished." The “we,” of course, is Coscarelli and Joe R Lansdale, who wrote the original story that Bubba Ho-Tep was based on.

Bubba Nosferatu is going to be a prequel, not a sequel. Setting the film in the past allows star Bruce Campbell to avoid the hours and hours of make-up he had to undergo to play the old Elvis. It also gets around the loss of co-star Ossie Davis, who played Old Black JFK. The film will feature the King in his 30s – before Elvis got into being a law enforcement officer (see that famous pic of Elvis and Nixon), it turns out that he was dabbling in voodoo and black magic (see that famous pic of Elvis and Nixon). According to the film, anyway.

Last week Bloody Disgusting reported the rumor that Paul Giamatti would be in the prequel, playing Col. Tom Parker, Elvis’ old manager. It would be a flat out incredible bit of casting if that does happen. Of course, a lot of the film is still up in the air, but Coscarelli is very optimistic: "We hope to shoot this year."

* Yes, trilogy. Coscarelli says that he has a name for the third film already: Bubba Sasquatch. Sure, it’s a joke, but so was Bubba Nosferatu before people started asking about it all the time.