I spoke to director Alexandre Aja about his latest film, The Hills Have Eyes, he said his next picture would be an original screenplay, which would then be followed up by an adaptation of Charles Burns’ astonishing graphic novel Black Hole. Well, this is Hollywood, folks, so that’s all changed already! Aja will not be doing the original screenplay, but will rather be following up his remake with… a remake!

Aja, along with his partner Gregory Levesseur will rewrite Jim Uhl and Joe Gangemi’s adaptation of Korea’s 2003 film Geoul Sokeuro – aka Into The Mirror. The film is about a security guard at a high tech mall who is investigating a weird series of suicides, where the people killed themselves in front of mirrors. To make things more complex, and possibly more inscrutably Asian, the security guard is afraid of mirrors.

The script "had a completely new concept with terror elements that anyone can relate to," Aja said. "The idea is that the worst aspects of a human being begin the first time he looks at himself in a mirror." Actually, the worst aspects of a human being begin the first time he takes his own picture in a bathroom mirror.

I hope this doesn’t screw up the timeline for Black Hole, which is being adapted by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary.