Hi Chewers — just wanted to turn you on to a podcast on which I just recently appeared, and that I think you’ll enjoy. You can listen at that site, or find it on iTunes by looking up “Imperial Trouble.”

I’ve been a guest on Imperial Trouble before, and while that episode might be considered an Animorphs/Michael Bay-focused “debacle” (my fault), this particular conversation between myself, Jason Mallory, and Sam Mitchell is a meaty, delicious look at this quickly waning blockbuster summer. We hit a lot of fun topics in a mere hour, including Rise of the Planet of the Apes, alien design in blockbusters, Captain America and Marvel in general, the state of online film coverage (with a focus on the TDKR spy photos), and much more.

I’d really love to hear your thoughts on the various topics, and hope some of you agree with my thoughts or are ready to step up and call me on my shit.

Make sure you check out the full Imperial Trouble site and their Twitter/Facebook page– it’s a great podcast that would certainly appeal to many sci-fi loving chewers.

If you give it a listen, shout out what you think on twitter, in the comments below, or on the boards. Cheers!