It’s the fifth Resident Evil film, and it will be called Retribution.

Details are scant except to say the film starts in October based off a script from Anderson himself (with at least some shooting in Tokyo) and that it will hit sometime in 2012, likely making a fair amount of money across the earth.

Remember that the previous film (with inflation and a 3D premium) managed the best opening and best total of the entire franchise, which makes me wonder if it could end up serving as a Fast & Furious-style precursor to a full-on crossover success with a fifth entry! Probably not so much. Final Destination 5 certainly hopes to pull that off- we’ll see if it works for horror. Regardless, RE will bring in many dimes.

If you keep up with the actors in these films, know that Sienna Guillory tweeted about returning, but that Bloody Disgusting heard different.

Go forth and expect to forget about this project until it suddenly trailers in front of your face.

(via JoBlo)