Warner Bros. has grabbed the rights to an upcoming book called Heart Shaped Box, the first full-length novel from a writer named Joe Hill. But Joe has what some might consider an unfair advantage – his real name is Joseph Hillstrom King, and his father is the most lucrative author in the history of written horror (Stephen King, in case you can’t work that out).

While dad just seems to keep recycling his own stories (isn’t Cell really just a less epic variation of The Stand, with mobile phones?), his offspring is coming up with stuff based on Nirvana song titles and/or jewelry receptacles. Heart Shaped Box involves an occult-obsessed musician who purchases a haunted burial suit (complete with the ghost of its former occupant) on ebay, which I guess is a little different from the 14-year-old Filipino girl I tried to buy before they removed the auction.

Akiva Goldsman is using his adapting experience from stuff like The Da Vinci Code and, um, I, Robot to produce the movie, although the book itself won’t be released until some time next year.