I don’t get particularly bent out of shape about many famous actresses, but it’s no secret that mentioning Vera Farmiga will always pique my interest. The wonderful thing is that more often than not, it usually ends up being because of an interesting project– she never seems to show up in the obligatory pandering garbage that most actresses scatter among their work (and yes, she’s hot as holy hell).

The latest film she’s signed up for (and thus given me an excuse to run her name through an image search) is for Closer To The Moon, which will partner her with Mark Strong, and actor that has been growing in acclaim for a while now. He’ll next be seen as a spy in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, but he’ll be turning criminal for director Nae Caranfil for a fascinating story about a group of Jews who, after being sentenced to death, are forced to participate in a propaganda film by re-enacting the bank robbery for which they were convicted. Farmiga will play a woman with whom Mark Strong’s character has fathered a child.

The story sounds quite intriguing- it’s difficult enough to participate in a movie production when it’s not an at-gunpoint experience, and even the stress of your film potentially flopping is nothing compared to knowing that once the film is shot, you’ll be shot. Hope they producers don’t realize they need any ADR or reshoots after all the actors have been wacked.

I’ll be excited to see both of these faces on the screen, especially in a film with such an immediately provocative logline. How about you?

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Source | Deadline (via JoBlo)