has been 17 years since the cute Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade hit screens. Digest that for a while. If that doesn’t make you feel old, realize that I was a senior in high school working at the movie theater showing the film and wonder if I can even achieve an erection at my advanced age. I say it was cute because it was. It’s my least favorite of the three by a long stretch, partially because of the annoying River Phoenix intro (that fat kid couldn’t have pissed me off any more than he did) and how precious some of the Connery/Ford banter got. It’s still a good flick, but I don’t think it was the "return to form" many seem to think it is. I’ll take the dark and disjointed Thuggee flick any day.

Even more annoying than the fact I’ve got little specks of gray in my world famous beard is the endless streams of Indiana Jones IV discussions and rumors and whatnot. It seemed for a while that no one could cobble a script to please the triumverate of Ford/Lucas/Spielberg and I heard that they even rejected pitches from Dante Alighieri, John the Baptist, and Albert Pyun.

So, why does this article exist? I just wanted to be grumpy about this franchise that has waited too damn long. Here’s the latest word from The Raider. net:

"BBC ONE just aired their first episode of a new programme called "Hollywood Greats" tonight. This first episode centered around Harrison Ford’s career and included an extended interview with Ford, by British film critic Jonathan Ross.

At the end of the great interview Jonathan asked Ford how much of a chance there was of another Indiana Jones film.

Harrison Ford stalled his answer for a few seconds and then responded that it was "99 and three quarter percent." likely to happen.

Then further asked if Sean Connery would return as Indy’s father in Indy IV, Ford declined to make a comment on that. Jonathan Ross responded with "So he’s going to be in it, then." and Ford just kind of laughed and didn’t say anything."

I still love Harrison Ford still after all these years. I still love Indy still after all these years, but it’s been too long.