was hoping that after Mr. & Mrs. Smith Doug Liman would return to making smaller movies. He hasn’t, but it seems like he’s meeting me halfway – the most famous person currently on board his next project, Jumper, is Jamie “Gone after the second act of King Kong” Bell.

The movie is a sci-fi actioner based on a Steven Gould novel. The story is about a kid who discovers he can teleport, or Jump. He starts hunting down the man responsible for the death of his mother and attracts the notice of the NSA and another kid with the same power along the way. Actually, you should read Dave Davis’ much better summary here. It actually sounds like he read the book. Once again Davis’ Scholastic Book Club subscription comes in handy.

Tom Sturridge, who appeared in the awful Being Julia, plays the lead. Jamie Bell is the other Jumper who shows him the ropes. And Teresa Palmer, an Australian whose previous role was as one of the “Pool Party People” in Wolf Creek but who is now shooting The Grudge 2, plays Sturridge’s love interest.

This being a Doug Liman film, Jumper will shoot in Rome, Tokyo and New York.