There’s something about beefy action stars getting a little too passionate about their characters and projects that’s just so damn endearing. Be it obvious things like Arnold and Sly sticking by robots, boxers, and violent war veterans, or The Rock’s general enthusiasm for everything (even G.I. Joe training), or Vin Diesel’s to-the-gates-of-hell style devotion to the Riddick character, there’s a tradition here. Jason Momoa seems to be taking the cue and putting himself wholly into Conan, revealing to Crave that he’s even written a screenplay for a potential sequel his damn self.

“How many actors get to go in there and go, “I’m part of the writing process?” and care that much about the character, because he is a fan himself? It’s great. You know some people go like, “It’s great, I’m going to be in my trailer.” I want to fucking make a great Conan movie.”

That’s Momoa talking about his motivations for writing the sequel himself, as he crosses his fingers plenty of people will come to watch him kick ass. I’m not sure how many people will venture out for this particular reboot, but if the rest of the movie is anything like this clip we showed last month, then those that do are in for a good time. Also, it should be noted that this draft seems like a few steps above a spec, as the studio has no contract or obligation to roll with it, even if they do make a sequel. Appears that Momoa is as big a fan as anyone, had an idea, and laid it out- respectable.

But what approach has Momoa taken to the character, and what does it possibly say about the forthcoming film? He’s not ready to say much…

“I don’t want to give anything away, but we already have our Conan, really it’s about the villain, what that villain is going to extract from Conan, and where as an actor I want to go with Conan. You know, no one’s going to know what I want to do better than me.”

He does mention that he’s interested in the mythical creatures littering Conan’s world, but specifically mentions Clash of the Titans as something they couldn’t compete with, budget-wise.

More may come of this once there are some number backing (or burying) Conan’s chances at a sequel.

Think it’s a good idea for lead actors to be writing films in their own franchise? Recipe for disaster, or best way to make sure the series isn’t fucked with? Let us know your thoughts on twitter, in the comments, or on the boards.