UPDATE! A new behind-the-scenes vidblog from the guys has been uploaded, featuring more shirtless Nick Frost than you can handle (seriously)! Check it HERE!

We’re rather shameless when it comes to hyping the upcoming output of certain filmmakers (which seems inversely proportional to their box office figures), and Shaun of the Dead triumvirate Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are on the short list of our favorite humanoids, so we’re keeping an eye on their next flick Hot Fuzz. Which will no doubt doom its profitability.

The lads are hard at work on their British variation on the tired buddy-cop formula that reunites the Pegg/Frost duo (as director Wright questionably phrases it, "If Shaun of the Dead was Silver Streak, this could be our Stir Crazy"), and are documenting the process so you don’t have to wait for the damn DVD bonus treats.

The movie, which also stars Timothy Dalton, Steve Coogan, Martin Freeman and Jim Broadbent, finds Pegg’s hotshot London cop dispatched to a small town, where he finds more crime than anticipated. Check out the new video blog HERE!