I’m about as interested in a live-action Underdog movie as I am in being the owner of randomly imploding molars, but at least a decent actor will wring his hands as diminutive villain Simon Barsinister, whose name is probably the only entertaining aspect of the whole thing.

Disney has pocketed Peter Dinklage for the pernicious part in this pointless project. Apparently the genius/madman will be trying to steal the world’s water supply, while the CG-realized superhound of the title assures you there is no cause for alarm due to his presence, or something along those lines. Rumored names to provide the vocals of Underdog himself include Dane Cook, Nic Cage and Steve Martin.

I have to assume Dinklage got the Barsinister role because of his stature and not his considerable acting ability, and that he probably didn’t first consult Rocky and Bullwinkle heavy Robert DeNiro about the potentially toilet-swirling direction his career might take after it. Even though his sci-fi show Threshold (which had a great cast and a limp premise) was swiftly swept into the television graveyard, Dinklage is also taking another shot at the small screen with a pilot for Ultra, based on the female superhero comic.

Speaking of little things, Underdog is set to film in
Rhode Island of all places, and is being directed by Frederik Du Chau, which sounds just a bit too French.