Using some of the mad cash stacks they made from licensing Star Wars and Alien vs. Predator, Dark Horse Comics is knuckling their way through Hollywood with a handful of self-funded indie films, including a new crime thriller called Splinter.

The story involves a Latino LA gangbanger with a bullet lodged in his cabeza which, along with some pesky cops, complicates matters while he seeks revenge for the murder of his brother. The movie stars Enrique Almeida, insurance nightmare Tom Sizemore, ex-wrestler "Diamond" Dallas Page (who also wrote a pretty good yoga book, no lie!), Battlestar Galactica commander Edward James Olmos, and many, many people of Hispanic heritage, all kickin’ it to some boomin’ tracks from Cypress Hill’s B-Real.

Makes me proud to be Latino. Or wherever the hell my ancestors are from. The flick is the feature directing debut of Adama spawn Michael D. Olmos. Check out the trailer HERE!