Paradise Lost has been getting a lot of publicity for a film that has only one actor cast in it thus far.   Ok, that’s not super unusual, but it’s generally the hype studios reserve for Spider-Man or James Bond.   John Milton doesn’t usually get pre-production art and a panel at Comic-Con.

But today, Satan finally has someone to play with.   According to Deadline,  Benjamin Walker is in talks to play the Archangel Michael in Alex Proyas’ Paradise Lost, a film I will cover obsessively because I have fond memories of studying it, and because it stars Mr. Popsicle Eyes in his second satanic appearance. (This is his first. Pretty evil, if you ask me.)

I wish I could comment more extensively on Walker as an actor.  He’s starring in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and he nearly played Beast in X-Men: First Class. He’s one of those up-and-coming, buzzed about boys that seems to be on every list, but is only the guy I wish I could remember from Flags of Our Fathers.   I feel like he will be the Andrew Garfield of 2012, and we may be fancasting him in everything. But for now, well, glad to see Lost moving along quickly, eager to satisfy my fangirly side. (Will I still like Cooper when it comes out? I can be so fickle!)