Okay, so… I started off well and then disappeared… I know, it’s not very cool in the blogosphere to leave off for several days without a post, but lately my life’s been all about moving and stressing… In particular moving my girlfriend into my small apartment in Burbank. 

Moving is hardly a fun experience and we’re both stressing about it: Will this work?  Will it change our relationship in good ways or bad?  Will we split chores, bills, etc. ad absurdum.  Even thinking about it logistically and rationally has made us both simpering messes at the mercy of moving boxes, U-Haul and the rising cost of living.  But we saunter on, and I’m happy to say that the move is nearly done and I’m about to post a number of blogs that will be more oriented toward the cinema… I’m hoping to include the following in the next couple of weeks with a number of postings on:

  • A Defense of Terry Gilliam’s Tideland
  • A Neglected Film Musing on Steven De Jarnatt’s Miracle Mile
  • A Neglected Film Musing on William Girdler’s The Manitou
  • A Defense of George A. Romero’s recent Diary of the Dead
  • and many, many more to come.

Hopefully life won’t keep getting in the way of my scribblin’s and I can sit down and just write for a change… Sure beats moving and unpacking.