If you look across all of my news coverage and online writing, you’ll find I virtually never engage in this kind of cheesecakey bullshit, and I’m typically pretty conservative about my accompanying images. There’s a lot of skeevy, mouth-breathing exploitation sentiment that slips into fanboy news coverage that I want no part of, but when a film like Nurse 3D seems to make that sentiment part of its modus operandi from the start, it’s silly to engage it on any other level. So when actress Katrina Bowden is announced to be joining the cast of the film (which uses for its announcement an image of a naked, blood-coated actress known as much for her nudity as for her fine acting), and when her biggest role has been as the mostly oblivious, teeny sex-object joke on 30 Rock, well… I think it’s pretty fair to wonder if she’ll be able to keep up with her co-star in the “not wearing anything” department.

Also keep in mind that Karina will be featured in Piranha 3DD, though I don’t know if her involvement will feature the kind of… bravery that it did from Kelly Brook in the first film. In Nurse 3D though, she’ll be another seductress nurse alongside Paz De La Huerta, with the same cause of murdering unfaithful men. All of this from director Douglas Aarniokoski based on the aesthetic of Tim Palen, who did a lot of very famous marketing work for Saw and other horror films.

You can check out the original announcement of the project here. Now that another (genuinely beautiful) titillating co-star has joined the cast, I doubt it will be too long before we’re graced with another striking image from Tim Palen. We’ll keep you up to date.

Source | Deadline

I’m curious if anyone has any genuine interest in this film beyond the obvious gimmick? There’s a chance this could thing could have a unique, original aesthetic beyond the promised heaps of sexuality… maybe? Tweet, comment or board your thoughts…