Robert Rodriguez is currently hard at work making mayhem down in Austin with his part of the RR/QT combo Grind House, and now we’ve heard of another human appearing in the flick: Six Feet Under corpse-restoration expert Freddy Rodriguez (no relation to Robert I presume, aside from their Latino heritage).

Though his HBO show may be over, Freddy (who was interrogated at the recent SXSW festival) will still have bodies to contend with — the Robert Rodriguez half of the horror-exploitation double-feature is called Project Terror, a zombie homage that apparently concerns a sheriff department dealing with an outbreak of infected lunatics (called "sickos").

We’re not sure of Freddy’s role in the film, but given the involvement of gore god Greg Nicotero and Rodriguez’s penchant for splatternalia, there’s a good possibility he’ll meet a messy end. Project Terror also stars Michael Biehn (yay!), Josh Brolin, Tom Savini and Marley Shelton, among others yet to be confirmed or identified. 

We haven’t heard too much about Tarantino’s contribution other than the premise and title (Death Proof), but according to a recent AICN scoop, it’ll have Mickey Rourke as a psycho who stalks and kills hot babes with his vehicle. The finished film (or films, as it were) is now slated for a December release.