Readers, what is best in life?

Surprisingly the answer has nothing to do with crushing one’s enemies, nor the lamentations of any dames. It also has nothing to do with winning free movie tickets.

What’s best in life is a mystery I’m hoping you’ll help me solve.

Conan the Barbarian is a 3D swords and smashery epic from Marcus Nispel and the film that takes Kal Drogo himself (Jason Momoa you loon) from the small screen to the biggest ones in the world. Seemingly living between the worlds of the old school Conan flicks and the more modern Clash of the Titans world, the film pits our muscular hero against the villainous Stephen Lang and Rose McGowan.

Bloodshed. Beasts. Scantily clad beauties of both sexes.

Sign on the line which is dotted.

How to win a chance to see this in Atlanta early is simple. Using the link below supply your name and do me these two favors:

1. Tell me what you think is best in life. Seriously, not some smart ass remark like Coors Light’s new goddamn can.

2. Show me a link where you mention CHUD or this article. A new mention. On a social networking thing, on a message board, wherever. Just so long as it infects new people with this site.

That’s it. Good luck. Winners will be emailed a code to print passes for themselves and a guest to see this adaptation of the legendary Robert E. Howard for free and earlier than the rest of your cohorts.