UPDATE: We originally reported this way back on 3/26/06, and it’s now officially hitting Variety. See, we do get some valid scoops every now and then!

Ben Affleck is getting ready to make his directing debut with an adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s novel Gone Baby Gone, and he could have some serious talent to tell what to do.

No, I’m not talking about Casey Affleck, who Ben nepotistically handed one of the two leading roles, nor do I mean obsession-worthy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang babe Michelle Monaghan, who’s got the other main part. Word on the street (by which I mean my email inbox) is that oft-Oscar-nominated actor Ed Harris has also joined the production.

The thriller follows Affleck and Monaghan’s Beantown private detective duo who, while on a child-abduction case, get enmeshed in a web of drug dealers and police corruption. Harris, last seen menacing The Vig in A History of Violence, will be on the other side of the badge to play Remy Broussard, a special crimes unit cop who assists the dicks on their case. Morgan Freeman is apparently also being sought for a role.

The movie starts shooting here in Boston, like, wicked soon!