While Brett Ratner decimates Marvel’s merry cast of characters, a different group of mutants are on their way to the big screen, and a Malkovich shall lead them.

Actor/director/fashion maven John Malkovich gets his villain on in The Mutant Chronicles, the upcoming sci-fi epic based on the once-popular role-playing game. The story is set centuries in the future where corporations have waged war over the solar system’s natural resources. 

Thomas Jane plays the leader of an elite soldier squad fighting against the marauding legion of demonic Necro-powered mutants who come to harvest the remnants. Malkovich will apparently play Colm Feore.

The long-in-development project, which has previously had everyone from John Carpenter to Battlefield Earth genius Roger Christian attached to direct, is being helmed by Brit director Simon Hunter, who was trying to make the film a reality several years before anyone chronicled Riddick.