casAnimals continue to be on the rampage in the new millenium – this time it’s penguins. Samuel L Jackson, who will be sassing serpents in the “it jumped over the shark/no it didn’t/yes it did” Snakes on a Plane this summer will be doing his best Morgan Freeman when he narrates Farce of the Penguins.

The film is a parody of the Oscar winning documentary March of the Penguins, written by Bob Saget. In this version the penguins talk, and they’re foul mouthed and horny beasts. While Jackson will be doing the narration, a bevy of folks have signed on to do penguin voices. In addition to Bob Saget, who plays a randy tuxedobird looking for love, the other leads are Lewis Black, Mo’Nique and Tracy Morgan. Other voice talent includes Jason Alexander, James Belushi, Jason Biggs, Dane Cook, Harvey Fierstein, Whoopi Goldberg, Gilbert Gottfried, Norm Macdonald, Carlos Mencia, Alyson Hannigan, Jamie Kennedy, Jon Lovitz, Adam Duritz and Saget’s Full House co-stars John Stamos and Dave Coulier. No word on whether the Olsen Twins play female penguins who get gang banged and develop eating disorders.

Ignore the March release date on this poster, which we first ran waaaay back in November., The film has pushed to late summer.