csaWhat is going on with Dave Chappelle’s Block Party? It’s not just a good movie – it’s a great movie, and yet people aren’t going to see it. It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s energetic, it’s a feel good extravaganza. I am baffled by how easily Americans will disregard true quality as they march to see Failure to Launch.

But it looks like Focus hasn’t given up yet – they’ve launched a nice bit of advertising in the form of a “Make your own Block Party” poster contest. To be fair, the current poster for the movie is completely off the hook (as the kids today might say), so I don’t think it needs a new one – but if this is the excuse I need to post a news story about this wonderful movie that might finally motivate your lame ass to go see it this weekend, I’m all for it!

The winner of the contest gets a 60gig iPod. There are ten first prizes, which haven’t yet been announced – I say look for soundtracks and stuff. The rules are simple:

1. Go to http://www.blockpartypostercontest.com/ and download the Poster Kit.
2. Design your poster using the following guidelines:
- 72 DPI
- No larger than 8"x10"
3. Log back onto the site.
4. Submit your poster. ONLY JPG’S WILL BE ACCEPTED! No other file format.

That’s it! It’s not a CHUD contest, so don’t email me with your entries. Best of luck to you!