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So, as I get rended anally by the film business I figured it’d be nice to contribute a little to the site that made me a hundredaire. Granted, most of the mail I get is addressed to Devin but who better to answer his mail than me?

Seriously, I’d love to do this column a lot more often. So send mail. About anything!

Here you go…

If CHUD Ran the Movies:

All apologies to the makers of TOM HORN and James Rebhorn.

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The Fact This Exists Is Hilarious.

The posture that killed Pompeii.

The Province of Film Today.

Mitch to the left!Cflann writes:

I agree with your comments. Sad, sad stuff coming out of
Hollywood these days. Maybe you need to make a trip to Totonto,
Calgary or Vancouver, CA and check out the opening of Beowulf and
Grendel. What could it hurt? You might be pleasantly surprised
at what you see — A clean, well-directed, well-acted, no GCI

Nick’s Reply: I don’t think the solution to Hollywood’s woes lie up North. Or down South. Have you seen the wrath of Tyler Perry? It’s just a matter of studios not having the balls to say no to shit that we see making talented folks showing their ass in; stuff like Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and animated CGI hate fests.


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More Canada!

Mitch to the right.Cflann writes:

Great article. Glad you got to see the project first
hand. I am a died-in-the-wool Gerry Butler fan and am so glad this
movie is being picked up by a major studio for distribution in the
U.S. It’s about time the rest of the world got a chance to see what
Gerry is really like on screen, and the very, very talented actor that he
is. He is a stunning Leonidas and what he and the cast went through
to prepared for this movie was really something.

By the way, his lastest film, another historical biggie, Beowulf and
Grendel, opens tomorrow all over Canada. Check it out. Gerry
has the title role and is again, stunning. Watch this man, he is
going to be a real player!

Thanks aain for the great items on 300! Promises to be a
wonderful flick! Can’t wait to see it. Frank Miller has done
it again!

Nick’s Reply: I love me some Gerard Butler, Dracula 2000 be damned!


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V for Subtle.

Mitch to the left!Rayotech writes:

All I can say is BRILLIANT editorial. I hope you are right
that this film will have the impact you hope it will.

Nick’s Reply: It won’t and it didn’t. It’s a decent enough movie, although the forced action sequences make my colon rotate counterclockwise and not in a good way. I think Devin might have oversold the film a little bit, as it would have been horrid (thanks to the lack of subtlety) without the great work by the two leads. Then again, I’m an Equilibrium fan and it’s not exactly filled with subtext. At the end of the day it gives WB cred for delivering an "uncompromising vision of the future" without getting the controversy I think they’d hoped for, as it typically boosts the profile and intake of a film.


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Soundtrack Reviews.

Mitch to the right.Julie writes:

I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your review of the
complete recordings of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring which
I found on CHUD. It must have taken you a gazillion hours to put it
together, but more than that, it’s very insightful and thorough. I’ve
recently purchased the complete recordings, and I have printed out your
review and am going through the music very slowly as I follow along
with your piece. I agree so much with your views on particular pieces.
Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you very sincerely.

Have you done a similar review for Two Towers or ROTK? I would love to read them if you have.

Nick’s Reply: I think Charlie’s waiting for them to make those CD’s before he reviews them. Thanks for the feedback. Mr. Charles delivered a whopper of a review, didn’t he?


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We Must Have Paid Him.

Mitch to the left!Piper writes:

Hello all at the awesomeness that is CHUD,

I’ve never actually written before, that includes joining in discussions in any forums. But with Devin’s return and a thank you to the readers, I feel it is necessary for me to finally chime in. I’m only writing to express my appreciation and gratitude. I don’t know if you guys hear this often enough, but the work you do really makes life more interesting for us
readers. It’s always a plus to hear that you are all enjoying yourselves while reporting back to us on numerous reports, updates, rumors, and opinions. You are very much an integral part of today’s media. Many of us would not possess much of our knowledge if you were not there guiding us with your movie news. You have truly outdone yourselves with the excellence of
your website. I graciously thank you and I look forward to continue reading each report as they come in. Perhaps one day us readers will find a way to pay you back for all that you’ve done.

Nick’s Reply: Thanks man. I think we need another news editor and someone in Los Angeles who can double team with George and we’d really be something. I’m trying desperately to make the site grow and have a little more "oomph". Fingers crossed.


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Mitch to the right.Matt writes:

I am so glad to hear you are hope to start covering books. Love the
"Ruins" preview and I also liked the conversation you guys had on your
site a while back with author Robert Baer. No site really does justice
to books in the the same way your site or "ain’t it cool news" does
movies. Newsarama comes close but that is only for comic books. Love
everything else. Keep up the good work.

Nick’s Reply: The long lost Justin Pogue used to review the shit outta books back in the old days of Koukols and Mankas. Here’s hoping we bring it back and stick with it, unlike our raped video game aspirations.


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Uncrossing Jordan.

Mitch to the left!Jordan writes:

I just wanted to drop you
all a line and compliment ya’s on running such a great site. I’ll only visit you
fellas and aintitcoolnews when it comes to movie buzz and what

And yeah, I grow tired of
the more-than-occasional political propoganda pieces dropped in every
so often (knowing myself that both sides have it all wrong and are both guilty
of childish finger pointing and lame ass bickering), but I can’t see why the
average reader gets so worked up over it all. Cest la Vi,

Any way, keep up the good
work and, while I don’t agree with a lot of the praise you guys give Rob Zombie
or Eli Roth (seriously, their flics are nothing short of lame), you tend to hit
the nail on the head unlike any other site out there.

Who knows? Maybe, when I
finally get my projects off the ground, you guys will be complimenting/trashing
my films–a true honor to be sure.

Peace out and take it

Nick’s Reply: I think we have a bipolar look at horror here. Devin has his views, mine are drastically different, as are Russ’s and Dave’s. Find the guy who you agree with and you should be set.


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Nick Answers Devin Mail.

Mitch to the right.JSG writes:

You think you’re edgy, hip, dangerous, a heavy-duty political pinch hitter:
no doubt you’re just high fiving the hell outta yourself on the whole "Jesus
taking it up the ass from an AIDs patient", and painting yourself as a brave
dissident in Fascist Amerikkka.

Here’s a real challenge: write the same, exact thing about Mohammed. Write
something to the effect that Muslims should lighten the fuck up, and that
maybe we should make a flick about Mohammed’s real roots—as a rapist of
little girls, or as the world’s first terrorist, a fitting model for his
suicide-belt wearing devotees.

Of course, we both know you won’t, because you’re a coward: like the police,
you prefer easy targets—white males, Republicans, conservatives,
Christians—nice, safe, bourgeous targets who won’t kill you, maim you,
stone you, or decapitate you.

You are *such* a pussy.

Nick’s Reply: Wow. First off, Christians have a pretty good track record of killing. Read a book. Secondly, Devin’s sticking it to people who read the site. You don’t see a lot of Muslims reading CHUD for movie info. Devin’s attacking people who will actually have a chance of responding. That’s tougher to me than to complain about people who have a whole different set of agendas. I think that the whole furor over the comic strip is insane. I think Mohammed would agree if he weren’t deceased but Devin’s playing to his audience because it’s ripe for fury and rebuttal. Thanks for playing!


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Answering Dev’s Mail II: The Hardening.

Mitch to the left!Michael writes:

Why does everything have to be political with you? Do you ever watch a movie
just for the enjoyment of it. You make every movie into your own soapbox to
push you opinions down everybody’s throat. Don’t like Broke back, you’re a
gay bashing Nazi racist. You even went as far as comparing being a
homosexual to being black! What’s wrong with you? You are born black!!! You
can’t even be a closet black guy. That is the dumbest thing I ever heard.
Next to your latest statement that "President and his grotesque attacks on
liberty and law (which, it turns out, were just getting started. What a
shitty couple of years democracy has had), mostly because the talking heads
on the Right got so pissed off about it."

Why don’t you just review a movie. Why do I need to hear you
political stance on every thing? Give it a rest for gods sake. I use to
visit Chud all the time, by now I try not to click on any thing with your
name attached, because I almost know what I will get. A bunch of political
garbage!! Please just tell us about the movie.

Nick’s Reply: Devin’s review of Eight Below wasn’t political.


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Mitch to the right.Christopher writes:

WHat the heck is going on? You promised an update.

Nick’s Reply:
I wish I had one. This is an infuriating process and the more I think I know, the less I know. All I can say is that one day things look hunky dory and the next it’s like the Reaper is sitting on the ol’ shark’s snout. I can’t go on record about it, but I think there’ll be some news in the near future. Whether it’s good news or bad news depends on where you stand on the project. Here’s hoping egos and logic and the typical bureacracy of this business leads down a golden path.


Come around here often?


Mitch to the left!

Cristina writes:

“In Spain as well as internationally, Flamenco is bewitching more and
more people with it´s soulful magic and rhythmic complexity. Once
you´ve felt the heat of this fire which is flamenco you shall never be
cold again.”

Mr. Grunt and Point’s Reply: I can handle Viagra email. I can handle helping Nigerian refugees. I can handle "Go Jesus!" emails. Flamenco I am unprepared for. That’s the final straw.

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