week I had a chance to chat with Paul Greengrass, the director of the recently retitled United 93, the first film to directly address the events of 9/11. Paul was getting his final cut together, but he was – as always – friendly and chatty and happy to talk. A lot.

We talked quite a bit about how people will react to the film. We’ll all know soon enough – United 93 comes to theaters in a month. Now the official site is open, and it’s a nicely done affair, although I have a hard time imagining that I’ll be downloading a screensaver from there any time soon.

Do yourself a favor and check out the Director’s Statement, especially if you have some reservations about this movie. Paul encapsulates everything this film hopes to be without resorting to cheap melodramatics. There’s also a new, full length trailer available – you can see that by clicking here.

I’ve been in touch with Paul since he began shooting, and I spent a day with him at Newark Airport, and I can say that this is the film I am most proud to have covered in my time at CHUD. I’m glad that the filmic dialogue about 9/11 is being opened with a movie as serious and as committed to the facts as this one.