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DOOM wishes it to be known that this tale of history has never been told before, and DOOM is only revealing it because DOOM wishes it to be so.


DOOM first saw her across a crowded room at what the American Government calls "The White House." DOOM notes that it is more a mansion than a house, but that is neither here nor there. DOOM also recognizes that Castle DOOM’s architecture is superior than the cold and uncompromising American brickwork.

You may ask why DOOM appeared to be at the home of one of his biggest foes. DOOM was personally delivering a message of war to President Richard Nixon, although DOOM discovered, during conversation, that Nixon was admirably treacherous and weasel-like for a man of power in such a country as America, and because of this, DOOM allowed a temporary peace treaty to be formed between Latveria in America.

 While enjoying homecooked muffins, DOOM noticed a rather beautiful, yet shy creature standing behind a microphone in the room. Nixon informed DOOM that this was "Karen Carpenter," a singer of some fame in his country. As she began to sing about birds appearing and stars falling from the sky, DOOM wondered if she was in conspiracy with the hippies and had been taking "LSD."

However, DOOM later found out she was singing about "love." DOOM would soon learn of her love first hand.


As DOOM was also not at war with Western Germany at this time, DOOM accepted an invitation from Chancellor Brandt to come to Berlin and see her perform more of her "love songs." DOOM began to enjoy her non-offensive music, and requested to make her acquaintance after the performance.

DOOM discovered her brother, Richard, was not especially fond of such a proud and magnificent soul as DOOM meeting her, but DOOM’s "attaches" made sure he was far out of the way at the time of their rendezvous.

As DOOM again set his eyes upon her, DOOM felt feelings inside his cold, metal heart that he had never felt before. At first, DOOM believed the shrimp cocktail was getting to him, but DOOM soon learned the feeling in his ventricle was not caused by rotten seafood.

 Being the perfect gentlemen that DOOM is, DOOM allowed her to ask one question before he spoke. She asked DOOM why he wore his perfectly crafted mask of iron. DOOM had never before allowed anyone to ask this question and live to tell of it, but at this moment, DOOM felt different. DOOM knelt down in front of her and removed his infamous metal faceplate.

DOOM can never reveal what she saw, as DOOM is far too busy planning his next moves to hunt down the millions of people who will read and cherish this extraordinary account. However, after that moment, she saw fit to take DOOM into her life and heart, and from then on, DOOM and "Karen" were lovers.

DOOM fondly remembers her win at the 1973 "American Music Awards," where she named DOOM in her speech as a primary inspiration for her music. Richard would have agreed, but he had been mysteriously taken ill, minutes after a meeting with DOOM’s head of security. DOOM and "Karen" spent many years together, with her managing time between DOOM and touring, and DOOM managing time between her and trying to destroy the Baxter Building.

Whilst this was happening, "Karen" wrote many songs for DOOM*, most of which were successful, although during this time Latveria was in a conflict with a quarter of the world’s countries, so because of this, her career suffered in those territories. However, the people of the countries in question were soon liquidated by DOOM.

But despite DOOM and "Karen" eventually announcing their impending partnership in matrimony, their bond would be cut ruthlessly short, something DOOM had experienced before. However, she would thankfully not end up in the claws of Mephisto.


It was at this time that the end began. While it was widely reported that "Karen" had suffered eating disorders, this was only to stop her followers and DOOM’s minions taking things into their own hands. In reality, DOOM found her at the back of the stage at one of her concerts with a bullet in her chest. DOOM reviewed the security footage, and noticed a tall, rough-looking man with an eyepatch acting suspiciously.

DOOM was outraged that S.H.I.E.L.D. had some kind of agenda against the Carpenters and their commercially satisfying tones. DOOM ordered new President Gerald Ford to investigate, but he and his lackeys were under the influence of Nicholas Fury. DOOM informed Ford that the peace treaty was under threat, but Ford would not rescind.

Under DOOM’s protection, "Karen" was safe from her would-be assassins well into the 1980s. However, it was in 1983 that her time would come.

DOOM was due to see her one afternoon at her California home. However, DOOM had to be called away after it was called to DOOM’s attention that The Human Torch was in the vicinity, applying for a bank loan. However, it was soon revealed that The Torch’s agenda was much more salacious than asking for money to buy a new hot rod.

The Torch’s role was that of a diversion. As DOOM faced him and nearly defeated him, had it not been for the sonic-oscillator machine Reed Richards had built, "Karen"’s life was ended by an assassin working with the Fantastic Four, under the orders of S.H.I.E.L.D. Eyewitness reports described a hail of gunfire, followed by the departure of a tall man with a skull on his shirt from the house. DOOM raced to her, but it was too late.

 DOOM was confused. What had DOOM done to anger S.H.I.E.L.D.? What dastardly deed had DOOM committed that caused Nicholas Fury to hire The Punisher? Had Richard** taken objection to DOOM and his minions? DOOM never discovered the reason. Immediately after this, DOOM returned to Latveria and began planning his next strike at the United States. He informed former actor Ronald Reagan that the peace treaty was over, and that Latveria would destroy his country.

And one day, DOOM still will. As DOOM sits in his Castle, lord and master of all he surveys, the memory of her provides DOOM with the impetus to one day destroy all who oppose him. DOOM wishes it. And so it will be done.


*DOOM notes that ‘Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft’ was written as an actual message to be sent out into space to contact the Skrulls and find allies for DOOM’s war against mankind and the Fantastic Four.

**Richard always expressed dislike at DOOM. DOOM knows not of Richard’s current whereabouts, but was informed that after her death, Richard Carpenter joined Alpha Flight.

When he’s not trying to stop himself listening to the Carpenters, DOOM is a warlord in the Eastern-European country of Latveria. He enjoys commissioning Richard Wagner operas, photoshopping Read Richards in embarassing situations, and things with bunny rabbits on them. DOOM!

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