For the next 30 days I’ll torture you with my stupid answer to the writing prompts taken from the 30 Day Writing Challenge and the 30 Day Song Challenge. Here we go:

Writing Challenge – Day 25: Discuss something you planned that ended up not being what you expected.
Is anything ever the way you expected it to be? Doubtful. Sometimes thing are better, most times they’re worse, but in the end they are what they are and you have to suck it up. I am a massive daydreamer. My mind tends to go in all directions, visualizing possible outcomes for whatever situation I encounter. I say visualizing because I’m not really analyzing when I daydream. So I waste a lot of time and in the end things aren’t the way I saw them in my head. As I said before, sometimes they’re better, most times they’re worse.
So, to answer the question, nothing I’ve ever planned has resulted in what I expected.

Writing Challenge – Day 25: A song that makes you laugh.
This is just too easy, and a very important song that describes the behavior of many human being, including the one writing this crap.
I’m an asshole – Denis Leary