You’ve heard plenty of praise on CHUD for the brilliant romzomcom Shaun of the Dead and anticipation for the upcoming Hot Fuzz, but what you might not know is that the creators of those projects started with an equally ingenious UK television series called Spaced.

The show was about an aspiring comic artist (Shaun himself, Simon Pegg) and a writer (series co-scribe Jessica Stevenson) who pretend to be married in order to get an apartment for professional couples only. The entire hilarious run, loaded with more precision comic book and genre film references than anyone could count (although someone tried to for the DVD’s “Homage-o-Meter”), was directed by Shaun virtuoso Edgar Wright.

Spaced only ran for a ruthlessly brief 14 episodes, but that may not be the end after all! Pegg recently chatted with Britcom regular Bill Bailey (and Pegg’s comic-shop boss on Spaced) during a radio interview and discussed the possibility of revisiting the series: “What I really would love to do – and I really hope that we can do this at some point in the future – is one hour; finish it all off; tie up all the loose ends get everybody where they’re gonna be.  Because we know where they all end up; there is a history to all of them, including you.”

That’d truly be a slice of fried gold. Of course, law-abiding US citizens might never get the opportunity to even see the series’ initial run (due to ongoing legal entanglements), but it’s worth buying a code-free DVD player just to import the 2-disc UK release — you can’t wear your geek badge with any honor until you’ve witnessed the infamous “finger gun fight”.