With Serenity and Riddick not exactly returning Lucas-sized profits for the studio¬†(which is not a statement of quality — I prefer those flicks infinitely more than the prequels), Universal is seeking another grand space epic to line their pockets. Time for a field trip to the library!

Universal has dusted off Alfred Bester’s influential 1956 sci-fi novel The Stars My Destination for the feature treatment. The futuristic story (also known as Tyger! Tyger!) is essentially a less noble retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo, with a murderous space scoundrel adrift in the cosmos, seeking revenge on the crew of a ship who decided not to rescue him.

I could swear a movie adaptation was¬†planned long ago with Bruce Willis as rancorous spaceman Gully Foyle, but there doesn’t seem to be any record of it out there (it’s times like this when I miss the diligence of Corona’s Coming Attractions).