Rosario Dawson must be looking to shift gears hard after her turn as Kevin James enabler in Zookeeper, as she’s just signed on to Danny Boyle’s Trance alongside Vincent Cassel and James McAvoy. The trio will rustle up intrigue between themselves as an art heist turns into a much bigger and more dangerous event than originally planned. McAvoy and Cassel will be in on the heist together before their allegiance is severed, and Dawson will have some sort of (currently) vague connection to both of them.

This is a fine start to a cast for Boyle’s thriller, but if the names get you excited, simmer down– you won’t be seeing this movie for some time. Not content to sit on his hand until he beings his work as the director of the 2012 summer Olympic games, Boyle will shoot this flick and then take a pause while he handles the ceremonies. The objective is a March release in 2013.

To return to the casting notices, Cassel and Dawson seem to be taking on the roles that were respectively rumored for Colin Firth and Scarlett Johannson earlier in the month. The increasingly busy Michael Fassbender was apparently in talks even before that. And while Dawson is signed, apparently Cassel and McAvoy are both still negotiating, so the fill could possibly go through another round of names before everything settles- I get the impression these two are close though.

There are surely more roles to be filled and more story details to come out, especially if Boyle is on a tight schedule and must get this one in the can. Boyle’s last film 127 Hours had him at this finest, turning an inherently inert story into one of the most spirited and exciting films of the year, so I’m I’ll be keeping an eye out for more info.

Source | Deadline