Winning big at blackjack seems to be only slightly easier than getting a movie about it made. But now Legally Blonde helmer Robert Luketic is sidling up to the table and placing bets for Columbia’s 21.

The movie (whose title sounds more like it should be a sequel to Thirteen, which I’d really be interested in seeing now that I think about it) is based on Ben Mezrich’s bestselling account Bringing Down the House, telling the tale of several MIT students who developed an intricate card-counting system to beat house odds and raked in millions at Vegas casinos for their brainy efforts.

A movie based on Mezrich’s fascinating book has been in the works for a while now (it’s already become a History Channel documentary called Breaking Vegas). At one point Kevin Spacey was producing the movie and playing an MIT professor, and Brett Ratner was attached to direct some time before he got hired for X-Men 3 and started saying idiotic shit to the press again.

According to THR, Luketic is planning to make 21 next, which is odd since he’s set to direct the pointless Dallas feature film that has already started adding people like John Travolta and the unnervingly bronze Jennifer Lopez to its cast.