Emma Stone is a fine actress, and now she’ll make a fine addition to the already fine cast assembled for Ruben Fleischer’s first foray into dramatic action- Gangster Squad.

I enjoyed Emma in Crazy, Stupid Love (even if the film never assembled its great parts into a great whole), and this role will have her creating more sparks with co-star Ryan Gosling, though this time Sean Penn will be in the mix. Apparently she’ll be playing a woman “caught between Gosling’s good cop and Penn’s gangster Mickey Cohen.”

Remember that Josh Brolin, Giovanni Ribisi, and Michael Pena are also a part of the high-priority crime story at Warner Brothers.

Stone has the kind of unique beauty and confidence that aren’t seen all that often in Hollywood, and it’s nice to see someone earn their place on screen not just by being a merely competent actor backing good looks, but by maintaining a distinct personality and charm that are worthwhile entirely seperate from their pretty face.

Naturally, this isn’t a particularly shocking decision as Fleischer employed Stone to great effect in Zombieland. I’m sure she’ll fit in well here too.

Look out for more.

Source | THR