whole Christ family is getting cast for Catherine Hardwicke’s take on the life of the Virgin Mary, Nativity. Shohreh Aghdashloo is going to go from curing mutants in X3 to being the auntie of the Savior in the film, playing the sister to Keisha Castle-Hughes.

The film is getting hurriedly put together for a sweet Christmas release. I don’t know what the exact angle Hardwicke et al will be taking on the material, but I do hope that they get Jon Cryer, in full Ducky gear, to play the angel who knocks Mary up.

I also don’t know if this film is going to piss people off. It’s about religion, so it’ll piss someone off somewhere; that much is a given. But will it piss off the right people, ie the people who will make an entertaining stink about it? I imagine that a lot of those types of people are on the edges of their seats right now, considering the fact that they can’t be too happy about Hardwicke’s previous two films, Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown.