I’m sorry, in a universe where fucking Real Steel has gotten made (and isn’t an offical Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em film), I can not muster an ounce of astonishment that Battleship has gotten made.

What does surprise me though is that in spite of the alien presence (which was once a secret, but now is now front and center), they seemed to have gone farther than just shoving the title on a naval/alien movie. The imagery of the shells slamming into the side of the ship in a row, the seclusion of the alien force field, or the perfectly aligned ships… they’ve actually found a way to take the dumb plastic board game and write it large. I don’t know how this will be longer than 45 minutes, even if Berg was quite passionate about getting this made.

They’ve added some sex and Liam Neeson gruffness to it, so I guess it can’t do that bad.

Enjoy or something at Yahoo! Trailers (and click to HUGE the stills)