In a pretty shocking move that I don’t think anyone (except maybe those working on the show) would have expected, Deadline has announced that Frank Darabont is indeed no longer showrunner of  The Walking Dead, a project he was passionate about getting off the ground for 5 years.  What makes the announcement even more shocking is the fact that he was just at Comic-Con on the panel for The Walking Dead.  I haven’t seen the panel, but I’m wondering if he gave off any subtle hints that the end was near.  Doubtful, but it’s a curious enough move to want to grasp at straws to figure out just what the hell brought this on.  It’s smack in the middle of production on season 2, so whether there were creative issues or Darabont just wasn’t meshing well with the pressures of network television remains to be seen.  So whether he stays on in some capacity as producer or leaves entirely is anyone’s guess.