We’ve been salivating for another fried gold slice from the masterminds behind Shaun of the Dead, arguably the best balance of horror and comedy since American Werewolf in London. Can they reach similar heights with the tired buddy-cop formula? Probably!

This isn’t really brain-altering news, but the blokes have finally started production on Hot Fuzz in an official capacity, after piecing together the script over the past couple of years. The movie, again directed by Edgar Wright and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, follows a hotshot London cop dispatched to a small town, where he finds more crime than anticipated. Timothy Dalton, Steve Coogan, Martin Freeman and Jim Broadbent are also among the grand cast. Can’t wait!

The Working Title site also has the first of hopefully many behind-the-scenes video diaries during the course of the production, with Simon Pegg offering a few details as to his training for the role. And he’s not kidding — the clip finds him racing bicycles, performing judo maneuvers, firing guns and kicking wastebaskets (or dustbins as they’re known in the UK, silly Brits). Certainly a step above his frugal Shaun preparation, which consisted of walloping random pedestrians with a cricket bat and then fleeing.