Official details on Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s horror/exploitation double-feature Grind House have been pretty scarce, but now that the flick has started shooting down in Austin, news should slowly start oozing forth like a Nicotero effect.

While nothing has hit the trades yet, apparently Sin City looker Marley Shelton (the crimson-lipped "Customer" from the opening sequence) has a lead role. The only other "big" name involved in the project is Josh Brolin, last seen dying specactularly in Into the Blue. Goo-guru Tom Savini and wonderful thug Danny Trejo will also have parts in the movie, but that was pretty much assumed.

Since both Tarantino and Rodriguez tend to recycle talent like one big blood-spattered family, expect to see more actors who’ve previously appeared in their films. We’d heard that Wolf Creek outback villain John Jarratt would also join them, but that may no longer be the case since he was recently spotted working in Australia and Rodriguez will probably be done filming before I finish this article.

Grind House, due out in September, features a pair of hour-long mini-movies, Rodriguez’s zombie tale Project Terror and Tarantino’s killer-car piece Death Proof, with previews for fake trashy movies sandwiched between them.