got a couple of emails telling me that Brett Ratner was directing the Wolverine spin-off movie. I haven’t even seen X3 and this just about ruined my week, until I actually looked at the article where this information comes from – and no such thing is actually said. talked to Vinnie Jones, who is playing Juggernaut/random He-Man character in X3, about his three picture deal, and the battle his character has with Wolverine. He said that he understood X3 to truly be the end of the main series, but that a Wolverine spin-off would happen, and that some of the mutants would show up:

"I said this to Brett the other day, and he was saying that they’ll probably use a lot of the characters," Jones said, implying that the director will also return alongside star Hugh Jackman in "Wolverine." "Hopefully [the Wolverine/ Juggernaut rivalry] will come into it. There might be something for me and him to get together."

Notice that bit about implying. Sorry guys, I like your site, but I don’t see any such thing being implied. I see Ratner hearing from the people who control the franchise, the producers, about what they want to do with the series, and telling him what characters they need featured for future use.

The rest of the article is quite good, though, and you can check it out by clicking here.