Well there’s your clean, simple, and effective teaser poster for The Avengers that you may have seen in theaters this weekend (or will soon). It joins the well-received batch of character posters from Marvel that were released during Comic Con…


You can see the individual pieces of the puzzle below, but you should also head to Marvel to check out a great interview with Ryan Meinerding and Charlie Wen about the development of these designs. These guys designed individual pieces of the Marvel film universe imagery, like the Mark I and the Suitcase Suit from Iron Man II, the hero costumes for Cap and Thor, and much much more. They’re cool guys that are living an artist’s dream, so it’s worth a quick read… You can find it right here.

Between our latest video and my Cap review (counter-pointed by Nick) I think I’ve gone on at enough length about how anemic I think many of the pieces of this Marvel puzzle are, but it would be silly not to acknowledge how well they’ve gotten each hero to translate to the big screen.

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