During the Adventures of Tintin panel at Comic-Con just now, Steven Spielberg has confirmed the existence of Jurassic Park 4, something we’ve all suspected but haven’t had solid word on until now.  The word comes from Deadline, with additional word that Universal wants it sooner rather than later.  So there’s a writer not officially hired (Mark Protosevich, who’s working on Spike Lee’s Oldboy), a script being worked on…but Spielberg as director?  Who knows?  Hopefully so, considering there isn’t really anything on his plate after Lincoln and Robopocalypse as far as directing goes, so with any luck it’d start pre-production sometime in mid-to-late 2012 with a 2013/2014 summer release.  Heavy speculation but not out of the realm of possibility considering the work (War?) horse Spielberg has been lately.  At the very least he’d be executive producer.

Can I be the first to throw my hat into the ring for the prominent presence of animatronic dinosaurs again?