Finally a disaster movie with some depth! Get it? Depth? Eh. I don’t even try anymore.

Wolfgang Petersen’s latest soggy, overpriced epic is a remake of the 1972 catastrophe The Poseidon Adventure, and the 21st century version similarly has a gargantuan wave slapping a luxury cruise ship upside-down, leaving the cast of famous people and sorta-familiar character actors to try and survive the aquatic nightmare. The movie stars veteran hero Kurt Russell, and Josh Lucas, who has forgotten more about artificially intelligent aircraft than you or I will ever know. Plus Richard Dreyfuss, who once PUNCHED DEVIN.

The marketing seems to be playing it like a straight superdrama rather than embrace the inherent cheese factor, which could be detrimental — the trailer ran before a packed screening of V for Vendetta the other night, and the audience howled with laughter when the ominous music rises and the kid earnestly beseeches his girlfriend "I need you to tell me… that you love me."